Robot Welding

High Quality

MIG/MAG joints are high quality

Big Parts

Parts up to Ø1.5m are easy to be welded


Short cycle times for single and batch production

Robot Welding Fanuc Fronius

Robot Welding


Machine Welder Notes
Fanuc 120iC Fronius TPS 400i horizontal and vertical rotary tables

Robotically Crafted Excellence: Welding Innovation for Top-Notch Conveyor Chains

At NTT Group, we elevate conveyor chain production with the precision and efficiency of automated robot welding. Our facility boasts a state-of-the-art MAG 135 FANUC robot, equipped with the finest Fronius welding equipment, ensuring exceptional results in every weld.

This advanced technology empowers us to craft top-notch welded conveyor chains with unmatched quality and consistency. By seamlessly integrating robotics into our manufacturing process, we achieve:

  • Unwavering Precision: The robot eliminates human error, delivering consistently precise and repeatable welds, even for intricate chain geometries.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automation accelerates production, increasing output while minimizing lead times and production costs.
  • Superior Weld Quality: The Fronius equipment ensures strong, reliable welds that meet the highest quality standards, guaranteeing chain strength and durability.
  • Versatility at its Finest: The robot tackles diverse welding tasks, seamlessly attaching special attachments or welding sprockets for roller and conveyor chains with unmatched accuracy.

Beyond efficiency and precision, robot welding allows us to explore innovative chain designs with complex weld joints, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in conveyor chain manufacturing. This relentless pursuit of innovation positions us as a leader in the industry, delivering exceptional conveyor chains that empower your operations.