Gear Hobbing CNC & Manual

Auto Loading

Parts loaders boost our productivity up to module 5.

Quality 6

Using skiving technology we achieve quality 6 level.

Every Module

From module 0.3 up to 50.

CNC gear hobbing

Gear Hobbing CNC

Ø 1000 mm x 800 mm | Module 12

EMAG CNC machines with automatic parts loader are great solution for small and big volume production. Up to 9th controlled axis!

Machine Ø max [mm] Module Loading Quantity
EMAG Koepfer K160 150 3 robot 2
EMAG Koepfer K200 200 4 robot 3
EMAG Koepfer K300 200 6 robot 6
EMAG Koepfer K300 200 6 1
EMAG Richardon R200 600 10 1
EMAG Richardon R300 800 12 1
EMAG Richardon R500 1000 12 2

Gear Hobbing – Vertical

Ø 3000 mm  | Module 30

Our vertical gear hobbing machine park includes following machines.

Machine Ø max [mm] Module Loading Quantity
Module ZFWZ 250 250 8 1
Module ZFWZ 400 400 10 2
Module ZFWZ 800 800 16 1
Tos Fo16 2000 24 1
Tos Fo25 3000 30 1
Big module gear hobbing

Gear hobbing

High Quality Gear Cutting Solution from NTT Group in Scandinavia and Poland

Introducing our Gear Hobbing, the ultimate solution for precise and efficient gear cutting. With its high-quality construction and exceptional service, this gear hobbing machine is designed to meet all your gear manufacturing needs.

Gears are essential components in many mechanical systems. They facilitate the transmission of power and motion between rotating shafts. One common method of manufacturing gears is through gear cutting, which involves removing material to achieve the desired tooth profile. Another popular technique is gear hobbing, where a hobbing tool is used to generate the gear teeth. Both methods play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and functionality of gears, making them indispensable in various industries.

Our gear machine is equipped with advanced technology, ensuring accurate tooth cutting and providing you with gears of unparalleled quality. Whether you need to create spur gears, helical gears, or any other type of gears, our gear hobbing machine delivers consistent and precise results every time.

The high-quality construction of our gear cutting machine guarantees its durability and longevity. Engineered with precision, it boasts robustness and stability, enabling you to achieve the finest gear cutting operations with ease.

With its efficient functionality, our gear hobbing machine optimizes your production process. It allows you to quickly and accurately cut teeth on gears, reducing manufacturing time and increasing productivity. Say goodbye to manual gear cutting and embrace the speed and efficiency of our gear hobbing machine.

In addition to its outstanding performance, our gear cutting machine comes with exceptional service. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any technical support or guidance you may need, ensuring a smooth operation and maximum satisfaction.

Gear cutting has never been so precise, efficient, and convenient. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Invest in our high-quality gear hobbing service and elevate your gear manufacturing to new heights.

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